California native Brian Lichtenberg has been the go-to designer for the music industry's biggest pop stars, dressing songstresses from Beyoncé and Rihanna to Nicki Minaj, it is the runaway success of his über clever graphic tees that has made Lichtenberg the one to watch, placing him firmly on fashion’s very discerning radar. Along with the global strategy of Reda Bouaissa who is the brands sales director, he helped catapult the brand to a worldwide audience.

Lichtenberg has always had an affinity for the effortlessly chic sensibility that the city is known for. Since the beginning, he has drawn inspiration from a host of creative friends, none of whom were ever slaves to fashion trends, but instead to genuine self-expression and creativity. Los Angeles, distanced from the New York and Europe scene, has the luxury of operating "outside the box," so to speak. It is from this place that Lichtenberg has had the freedom to take fashion into consideration without ever taking it too seriously. Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Lichtenberg's designs are at the same time both reverential and autonomous. Though his one-of-a-kind, runway-ready looks remain a strong part of the Brian Lichtenberg legacy, the designer is excited for the new direction the brand has taken. For the first time, he is designing universally accessible pieces on a large scale, worn not just by celebrities and supermodels, but by everyone.